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General Cranes operate the largest Favelle Favco fleet in Australia with a diverse range of models and accessories.

Favelle Favco cranes have been at the leading edge of high rise construction and offshore oil rig maintenance in Australia and around the world.

ModelsMax Tip LoadMax Boom
Favelle 120RX / view2.0 tonne55.0
Favelle M220DX / view3.7 tonne55.0
Favelle M230D / view1.0 tonne60.5
Favelle M310D / view2.4 tonne60.5
Favelle M380D / view3.4 tonne60.0
Favelle M440D / view2.7 tonne65.0
Favelle M600D / view3.0 tonne70.0
Favco M60R Recovery1.5 tonne36.0
Favco STD 1000E MKII / view2.2 tonne62.0
Favco STD 1000 MKIII / view2.2 tonne62.0
Favco STD 1500 / view4.0 tonne61.0